My particular specialisms are:

  • career change

  • career development

  • supporting people to diversify how they earn a living


I'm particularly passionate about enabling people to make changes in these areas, as I have personally gone through several shifts of career focus over the past 25 years, and have experienced many versions of what we might call a 'portfolio' career.

I also support people in a number of other related areas such as:

  • work-life balance

  • identifying and developing core strengths 

  • communication, impact and interpersonal skills

  • people management

  • habits and lifestyle choices


 I've personally found coaching to be a hugely enabling process, but there can be some confusion about what it is. The coaching that I offer is not about teaching, training, or giving advice. Nor is it therapy or counseling. Rather, as a coach I help you to identify areas to work on and to set specific goals in relation to those areas. We explore ways to achieve those goals and agree specific actions and next steps. I use a variety of approaches and techniques to unlock your resourcefulness in relation to a particular issue.

There are many variants of coaching, but I work from the following principles:

- The client is resourceful;

- The coach's role is to enable the client to access their resourcefulness;

- Coaching addresses the whole person - past, present and future;

- The client sets the agenda;

- The coach and the client are equals;

- Coaching is about action and change.



Following our initial, free consultation, we will agree the number of sessions that best works for you and your needs. In each session we might be working on 1 or 2 individual issues, or we might be following through on larger issues from the previous session. This would particularly be the case with a structured programme around career change, for example.


The frequency of sessions is flexible, and very much depends on what areas you want the coaching to focus on, plus your own schedule. However, most people tend to have sessions weekly or fortnightly. Up to a month between sessions can work, but if the gap is any longer then it can be harder to maintain focus and momentum.



Currently, due to the pandemic, I am coaching via Zoom and telephone. I have found that Zoom is excellent for coaching conversations, and I can screen share from my resource library when we need to. It's also convenient in terms of scheduling and location is no longer an issue.


In time, I will also return to offering in-person sessions where I live in Walthamstow, London. I use a range of venues and, if the weather is nice, we may also do part of the session while walking in a park. The physical act of walking while talking and thinking can often in itself bring new insights.


 Coaching works best when we're working together over a number of sessions towards some agreed goals. Isolated one-off sessions, by contrast, will tend to restrict your progress to a fairly superficial level, unless they are following on from a more substantial previous coaching engagement together. For example, we may have worked together for a series of sessions around your transition to a new job, and then follow this up a few months later with a single session to consolidate the transition once you're in the new role.

During our initial conversation we will agree how many sessions you will need, and tailor an appropriate package to enable you to make the changes you want. Below are three example packages to give you an idea. All packages are discounted compared to the hourly rate, however you can have individual top-up sessions at a rate of £110 / hour.

When thinking about your own time commitment, you should also factor in a certain amount of engagement in between our sessions. This will include your own ongoing reflection on the issues plus any specific follow-up tasks and actions that we've agreed.

Focused 4 hours

  • Four one-hour sessions


This is a typical package for making progress with quite focused single issues. This could be a challenge at work or in your personal life, such as getting a new project off the ground.


As this is a very focused package, it may be more suitable for people who already have some experience in working with a coach.


£420 (5% discount)

standard 8 hours

  • An initial two-hour session (involving some preparatory work)

  • Six one-hour sessions.


This is a typical package for issues such as transitioning through a change (e.g. new job/role; maternity leave; retirement), or making changes when we feel blocked (e.g. lifestyle choices; work-life balance; leadership or managerial style).

£790 (10% discount)

in depth 12 hours

  • An initial two-hour session (involving some preparatory work)

  • Nine 60-minute sessions (or six 90-minute sessions)

  • One 60-minute follow-up session


This is a typical package for making significant changes in your personal or professional life. This might be around career change or development, tackling confidence issues, harnessing your strengths and reducing the impact of self-limiting beliefs.

£1,120 (15% discount)

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