Hi, I'm Carlos.

I specialise in coaching for career change, career development, and supporting people to diversify how they earn a living. Read on to find out whether I'm the right coach for you.


I’m a London-based coach, composer and music educator supporting people to develop, diversify, or change their career. I first came to coaching in 2010 as a way of supporting my students at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama to discover their creative potential. I adopted a coaching approach to managing my staff team, and gained a Masters level Diploma in Executive Coaching & Mentoring. I've been running a private coaching practice since 2013, and training other coaches since 2016.

Carlos Lopez-Real's Mandorla cover artwo

As a musician and composer, I work with people in many creative ways and this is a cornerstone of my coaching approach too. I help people find creative solutions, to unlock new ideas and to make connections between different thoughts, experiences, and areas of their lives.

My background as a professional musician has given me a flexibility that I apply to my coaching practice. I use a variety of approaches and techniques, and I very much respond to my clients rather than taking a more rigid approach. Improvising as a musician has developed my ability to think freely and quickly, to generate new ideas in response to those of others.

The mandorla symbol above, showing the intersection of two circles, for me represents the power of collaboration - the new insights and actions that can result from working with a coach.


I am patient and positive, and I will often use a strengths-based approach in working with clients, which is based on positive psychology.


Coaching is a relationship, a collaboration where we work together to make the changes you want to see. My style is kind and compassionate. As a coach, it’s my job to challenge as well as to support, and I seek to do this in a warm and gentle way.


"Carlos is patient and doesn't immediately rush to finding a goal. He gave it time, so I had the sense of two people looking at a problem. I didn’t get the impression that he was going through the list of coaching techniques."

- Cecelia, Orchestral Bassist & Workshop Leader

 "You create an easy atmosphere to talk. This is a crucial thing. You have that welcoming, yet serious, approach"

- Nigel, Senior Lecturer

"You keep it moving, but I feel like I'm in control…You ask the right questions at the right time."

- Rory, Primary School Teacher

"Carlos brought me from a position where I felt a bit stuck, and elaborated it into something more meaningful and useful."

- Jenny, Research Manager

"I always feel welcome and not afraid. You keep me focused on a goal. I always feel like it's structured without being constrained."

- James, Trumpeter & Composer



Whether you'd like a brief initial chat or a free 30-minute consultation, having a conversation is a good way to help you think about / decide whether coaching is right for you, and whether we're a good fit for each other.


Like many coaches, I offer a free 30-minute consultation session before we embark on a full coaching programme together. This conversation can be by phone or Skype. It's a chance for you to find out more about my approach to coaching, and for me to find out more about what you want to achieve from coaching. Email me your details on the link below, and I'll be in touch to arrange a conversation.